We aim to make available swift access to insights derivable from China COVID-19 clinical datasets.

This portal is for clinical professionals (and others) to interactively derive insights (via various statistic analytics models and machine learning methods) from a continuously increasing COVID-19 data repository from China so that decision making can be drawn upon in a real evidence-based approach. This insight-sharing portal avoids the direct sharing of patient-level data and hence information governance hurdles, enabling a very swift implementation and bringing the service to the end users in a timely manner.

Analytics Team

Huayu Zhang, Ting Shi, Kev Dhaliwal, Bruce Gutherie, Honghan Wu.


If you have any queries about the prediction models, then please get in touch. We are particularly interested in hearing from clinicians or academics who either want to validate our tools in their data, or have their own prediction models that they want to validate in our data.

Honghan Wu (